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Contents: MAV Nutrition Probiotics Ingredients
How Does MAV Nutrition Probiotics Work?
How Safe Is MAV Nutrition Probiotics, And How Does It Taste?
Pros and Cons of MAV Nutrition Probiotics
Bottom Line: Is MAV Nutrition Probiotics Worth a Try?

In the context of the modern health craze, probiotics only recently showed up on the scene. While doctors and nutritionists have been pretty aware of the benefits probiotics can give us, most people didn’t know much about them until recently, but that’s all changed with the advent of a slew of articles, books, and blogs about the subject. Now that everyone and their mom is aware of the benefits of “good” bacteria, hundreds of companies have popped up to sell people what they claim are the “best” probiotics. Problem is, they usually can’t back up their claims, since their products are usually not very good.

But we just learned about a new line called MAV Nutrition Probiotics, and when we looked into them, we were floored. Unlike lots of other probiotics out there, we discovered that MAV Nutrition is actually the real deal. Containing a powerful mix of probiotic strains, prebiotics, and coming in an awesome time-release capsule, these are some of the best probiotics you’ll find anywhere.

They’re made by MAV Nutrition, a natural supplement company that makes everything from collagen and fish oil supplements to omega fatty acid pills and glucosamine tablets to help joint health. They even sell products designed to help people lose weight. Their products are made in the USA, and come from facilities that have been inspected and earned certification from GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), an organization that vets companies and their facilities for workplace safety, hygiene, and ingredient purity. That’s a far cry from some other companies which don’t put the same amount of effort into the quality of their products.

To read more about what’s in MAV Nutrition Probiotics and why we’re so happy about them, check out the following review.

MAV Nutrition Probiotics Ingredients

Probiotic supplements mostly contain the same kinds of ingredients: well-known bacterial strains which already exist within the human body, either in orifices like the mouth or in the gastrointestinal tract. Almost all of the ingredients you find in one probiotic can be found in most others.

The difference is three-fold: 1) how many varied kinds of probiotic strains there are, 2) how many CFUs (colony-forming units) there are, and 3) whether there’s prebiotic fiber included.

Here’s some of the ingredients you’ll find in MAV Nutrition’s probiotics:

  • Lactobacillus paracasei. People will find this bacterial strain in fermented dairy, such as yogurt. It’s also notably present in the human intestinal tract. In medicine, it’s been shownto combat Salmonella, and to help the body fight off disease-causing bacterial infections.

  • Bifidobacterium lactis. This strain can be found in the digestive tract, and has been correlated with lower rates of obesity, cholesterol, and insulin during tests. It has the added benefit of promoting the body’s natural immune response when vaccines are administered.

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus. The most popular bacteria in the food industry, people can find this strain in pretty much every probiotic on the market, and is common in yogurt. Since it’s one of the most common bacteria you’ll find in the body, mainly the intestinal tract, mouth, and vagina, it always turns up. Not only can it aid in digestion, but synthesizes vitamin K, making it possible for your body to metabolise it.

  • Bifidobacterium bifidum. This strain is a warrior, known for helping the body fight off E. coli, Candida, pathegenic bacteria growth, yeast infections, diarrhea, and ulcers. This is a great strain to have in your corner.

  • Prebiotics. We’re talking about probiotics, but what is a pre-biotic? It’s a form of fiber, typically maltodextrin or inulin (in MAV Nutrition’s case, inulin), which good bacteria can use as a place to colonize and flourish in your intestinal tract. Since it’s hard to digest, they last a while, and the bacteria have a better chance of growing and increasing in number.

MAV Nutrition Probiotics contains 7 strains and 20 billion live cells. The pill itself is made from vegetable cellulose, making the product fine for vegans and vegetarians.

How Does MAV Nutrition Probiotics Work?

Common with probiotic supplements, MAV Nutrition Probiotics are supposed to be taken as a daily supplement with or without meals. As soon as the user swallows the pill, the capsule makes its way down to the stomach and begins to be digested, releasing the bacterial strains. Those bacteria then start to move on down into the digestive tract and into the small intestine. That’s where they begin to really go to work. They multiply and spread from there, thanks partly to the prebiotic fiber provided in each pill.

As the bacteria spread through the gut, they start doing their jobs – and not all strains do the same thing. Some of them are better at synthesizing vitamins so that the body can metabolise them. Some others help the balance of gastrointestinal flora and can take up the space that bad bacteria might otherwise get to, preventing them from spreading. Of course, most aid with digestion and can lead to better immune health.

How Safe Is MAV Nutrition Probiotics, And How Does It Taste?

It’s super safe. How are we so sure? All of the strains in this product are already present in the human body, and while 20 billion organisms might sound like a big number, it’s not nearly enough to jeopardize your body’s natural flora balance. Over-the-counter probiotics on the whole are not considered dangerous, although some immunocompromised individuals might have problems. As with all supplements, people should consult a medical professional before using any.

Pros and Cons of MAV Nutrition Probiotics

Here’s our breakdown the advantages and disadvantages of this supplement.

PRO: 20 billion active cultures, low price, 2 months of use in each bottle (60 pills @ 1/day), prebiotic fiber added.

CON: Could use a few more different strains, no information about colony-forming units, possibility that you have to refrigerate for best potency.

Bottom Line: Is MAV Nutrition Probiotics Worth a Try?

If you’re in the market for a probiotic, there are a lot of poor choices out there, and you can’t always take a company’s word for it. But with MAV Nutrition Probiotics, you’ve got a solid choice and one that we can definitely recommend.

MAV Nutrition Probiotics
1002 votes