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Probitrinol Probiotic Review 2022 - Does It Really Work?
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Contents: Probitrinol Ingredients
How Does Probitrinol Work?
How Safe Is Probitrinol, And How Does It Taste?
Pros and Cons of Probitrinol
Bottom Line: Is Probitrinol Worth a Try?

The subject of probiotic supplements hasn’t received much attention from the public until recently. Even though the medical profession has known about the benefits of probiotic bacteria for different uses in human health, most people haven’t realized it until recently. Nowadays, however, you’ll find endless numbers of articles, books, and blogs proclaiming the benefits of probiotics, and the supplement industry has listened. Now there are almost too many probiotic supplements on the market, and all of them claim to be the highest quality. And if we’re being honest, most of them haven’t made the cut as far as quality is concerned.

All that changed when we first looked into a new product called Probitrinol. Right from the get-go we could see that this was an impressive specimen. With a winning high-potency formula of different beneficial bacterial strains, prebiotic fiber, and quality manufacturing, Probitrinol soon became one of our favorite probiotics on the market and a definite contender for #1 position.

This product is made by Health Research Institute, a nutritional supplement company based in the United States. They’ve assembled an impressive line of different nutritional supplements over the years, offering high-quality, all-natural pills for everything from joint health to sexual wellness. They offer a money-back guarantee on all their products – a major plus – and do all of their manufacturing in the United States in FDA-approved laboratories that are certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices organization.

To learn more about what’s in Probitrinol and why we’re so jazzed about it, read on.

Probitrinol Ingredients

Probiotic supplements pretty much all claim to do the same things: improve your health, balance your GI tract, and give you all the benefits probiotics are supposed to offer – from improved mood to better immune health and more. But not all probiotic supplements are as effective as they say they are.

Probitrinol’s nutritional information shows that not only do they have a lot to offer, but the product has the strength to back up all the claims they make about how it can improve your health.

Here’s some of the strains and other ingredients you’ll find:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus. This is one of the most popular strains of probiotics. In the human body, you’ll find it in the intestinal tract and the mouth, primarily. It’s useful not only in aiding digestion, but can help synthesize vitamin K.

  • Bifidobacterium longum. This is another popular probiotic strain that’s supposed to help protect the body from the common cold. It also helps to digest amino acids, making it a solid contributor to how the body gets its nutrition. It also produces lactic acid, a substance that kills and prevents the growth of pathogenic (“bad”) bacteria.

  • Lactobacillus paracasei. Found in fermented dairy products as well as the human intestine, where it prevents Salmonella strains from taking hold. It’s also been shown to help the immune system by fighting some forms of harmful bacterial infections.

  • Streptococcus thermophilus. Often found in different types of yogurt, this probiotic strain is used to help patients who need to repopulate their GI tract after taking antibiotics. It’s also useful in reducing some types of inflammation and in treating ulcerative cholitis.

  • Prebiotic FOS. This is a type of fiber used to provide a sort of “landing pad” for probiotic strains in the body. By giving them a place to cling to and grow, it helps the overall effectiveness of whatever probiotic product contains it.

Probitrinol contains 18 different probiotic strains, with a staggering 30 i colony-forming units (CFUs) to ensure that enough bacteria survive the journey through the stomach and intestine in order to do their work in the GI tract.

How Does Probitrinol Work?

Like other probiotics, Probitrinol is intended to be taken as a nutritional supplement once each day. Once taken, the pill enters the stomach and starts to release the bacterial strains. Those strains then start to travel down into the small intestine and begin to proliferate. The fiber provides a place to hang on to as well as a positive environment for them to grow, allowing the probiotic strains to multiply. The fiber is hard to break down in the GI tract, prolonging the bacteria’s chances.

Because all probiotic strains are subtly different from the others, these bacteria help in different types of ways. Some produce lactic acid that kills harmful bacteria, while others help the body to synthesize some vitamins, including vitamins B and K. Others help to protect the intestines by taking up the same real estate that bad bacteria would take.

By providing a large amount of bacteria – 30+ billion – Probitrinol ensures that enough of these bacteria will survive the harsh trip through the digestive tract to take hold and proliferate in the gut. Other products that contain only a few million are less likely to be effective, and that’s why.

How Safe Is Probitrinol, And How Does It Taste?

The popular conception of bacteria is that it’s bad, so when it comes to probiotic products and all the talk about bacteria growing and spreading, some might feel like that means it could be dangerous. While in some cases an over-proliferation of good bacteria has lead to infections and sepsis in some immunodeficient people, many probiotics don’t come with that worry. Probitrinol is safe. Why? Because all of the strains in the product are already in your body, and there are just enough to do good – and not enough to do harm.

Pros and Cons of Probitrinol

PRO: 18 strains for a multiple health benefits, fiber for added potency, healthy strains, only one pill per day.

CON: Takes a few days to few weeks to see benefits, can only buy from company website.

Bottom Line: Is Probitrinol Worth a Try?

Probitrinol is one of those probiotic supplements that does everything right. It contains large numbers of healthy probiotic strains, a diverse selection of them, and comes in a once-daily pill. The price isn’t the highest, and you can easily buy it from their main website.

In the world of probiotics, quality is king, and that’s what you get with Probitrinol.

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