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Contents: Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Ingredients
How Does Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Work?
How Safe Is Vitamin Bounty Pro 50, And How Does It Taste?
Pros and Cons of Vitamin Bounty Pro 50
Bottom Line: Is Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Worth a Try?

In the world of nutritional supplements, probiotics are a relatively recent arrival. Despite the fact that the medical profession has been well aware of the health benefits of “good” bacteria, the general public have only recently begun to understand the value of probiotics. Because of the sheer number of blogs, books, and articles out there promoting these benefits, lots of products are currently being marketed to take advantage of this “new” type of supplement. The problem now of course is that health department shelves are full of so many probiotic supplements, it’s almost impossible the choose! More than that, most probiotics aren’t as good as they claim to be.

That’s why when we started researching a new product called Vitamin Bounty Pro 50, we were prepared for the worst – but this product won us over. Not only does it contain over a dozen different probiotic strains, but it comes with added ingredients that increase its potency. Add to that a time-release system that maximizes effectiveness, and you’ve got a probiotic that you’ve got to try to believe.

This supplement is made by Vitamin Bounty, a nutritional supplement company that’s been around for years. Dedicated to making products that are clean, pure, and good for you, they’ve developed a range of nutritional supplements that are intended to help people life their healthiest life. Not only are their products third-party tested for quality, but they’re made in the USA in facilities that pass cGMP standards for cleanliness, workplace safety, and ingredient purity.

To read more about what’s in Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 and why we’re so jazzed about it, check out the rest of our review.

Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Ingredients

Nearly all probiotic supplements claim to do similar things – improve digestive health, boost immunity, balance out gut flora, etc – and so it can be hard to tell which probiotics are good and which are bad. After all, they can’t all be the same, can they?

What you need to look for is a varied mix of different strains – one or two won’t cut it – and to make sure there are enough CFUs (colony-forming units) to make it through the harsh environment of the stomach and into your intestines, where they flourish.

Vitamin Bounty has all that covered.

Here’s some of the ingredients you’ll find:

  • Bifidobacterium lactis. This probiotic bacterium is found in the human digestive tract, and is associated with lower obesity, lower cholesterol, and reduced insulin levels in test subjects. It is also supposed to induce the body’s immune response to vaccines, a pretty great benefit.

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus. You’ll find this in almost all probiotic products, including pills and yogurt. that’s because it’s one of the most common types of bacteria in the body, which you’ll find in the intestinal tract, mouth, and vagina. It can not only help aid digestion, but in the synthesis of vitamin K so that your body can use it.

  • Bifidobacterium longum. Yet another popular bacteria strain that’s associated with strengthening the body’s resistance to the common cold virus. It can also help the body digest amino acids, important for our overall nutrition. By producing lactic acid, which prevents the spread of pathogenic (“bad”) bacteria, it helps defend your GI tract from infection and sepsis.

  • Lactobacillus paracasei. You’ll find this in fermented dairy products like yogurt, but it’s also present in the human intestine. It’s best known for combating Salmonella and for helping the body fight off bacterial infections.

  • Fermented Greens. Made from barley grass, oat grass, wheat grass, and alfalfa, these greens provide the fiber that probiotic strains can use to cling to and colonize, improving the product’s overall efficiency.

Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 contains 13 strains and 50 billion CFUs, making it one of the more potent and impressive probiotics on the market. The pill itself is made from vegetable cellulose, making the product suitable for vegetarians.

How Does Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Work?

As with other probiotic products, Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 is supposed to be taken as a nutritional supplement. When the consumer takes a dose, the capsule enters the stomach and starts to break down, releasing the probiotic strains. The bacteria then move on through the digestive tract into the small intestine and start to multiply and colonize, thanks partly to the prebiotic fiber in the supplement.

Once the bacteria are in the gut, they can go to work. Some strains are more specialized in synthesizing vitamins that the body can then metabolise, while others balance out gut flora and/or act as a counter to bad bacteria. They can also aid digestion and promote better immune health.

Because there are 50 billion CFUs in this product, more bacteria are likely to make it past the digestive fluids that can kill them, leading to more bacteria making it to the finish line.

How Safe Is Vitamin Bounty Pro 50, And How Does It Taste?

Probiotic products are so safe that they are commonly prescribed by doctors, and medical professionals worldwide have promoted and encouraged people to take probiotic supplements. All of the strains in this product are already found in the human digestive tract. What does that all imply? That this product is indeed safe.

While there have been some cases of probiotic products causing bacteremia (bacteria in the blood), they were typically in people with compromised immune systems, and none of them were ever caused by this product.

Pros and Cons of Vitamin Bounty Pro 50

Here’s a quick cheat sheet of the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

PRO:13 strains, 50 billion CFUs, awesome company, high-quality manufacturing, decent price, sold many different places.

CON: Can take a few days to a few weeks for best results.

Bottom Line: Is Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Worth a Try?

Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 is an example of a great probiotic. It not only contains plenty of different scientifically-studied strains, but it contains a lot of them so that they can actually do their job. It’s found at many different online retailers, and the company behind it has demonstrated a commitment to quality and health that some others haven’t shown.

All in all, we heartily recommend our readers to try Vitamin Bounty Pro 50.

Vitamin Bounty Pro 50
1695 votes